Utility Invoice Validation

Are you paying the correct amount for your electricity, gas and water?


The NWBS Utility Invoice Validation service provides a robust review of your electricity, gas and water bills.


Our energy professionals ensure that the charges on your invoices are validated against the agreed contract or tariff rates and that any overpayments are quickly highlighted and recovered.


Your utility bills will come direct to our offices, where our vastly-experienced team will use their personal knowledge and our in-house developed systems to:

  • Validate the utility invoices to exacting standards
  • Identify, investigate and resolve consumption and billing anomalies
  • Record all essential invoice data on a secure database
  • Generate a journal report of all validated invoices for you to pay and error reports on ones for you not to pay

Individual members of the team have up to 40 years' experience in providing this service to the widest possible range of Clients in the public and private sectors, including schools, colleges, hospitals, local authorities government departments, industrial plants, offices, distribution centres, retail outlets, restaurants, leisure complexes and data processing hubs.


Savings arising from these activities run into many millions, with the largest single item being £2.3m in one day.


Historic Utility Audits

In addition to savings arising from ongoing invoice validation, NWBS has achieved major savings by reviewing retrospective billing.


We can go back as far as six years to identify past billing errors and we pride ourselves in always recovering what's owed.


If you would like to know more then contact us now on 0161 300 4488 or enquiries@nwbs.info.